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TERRA4M break up and loosen clay, compacted soil, and hardpan. Creates organic matter, unlocks nutrients in your soil and neutralizes pH.

Salt and Alkali Removal
TERRA4M soil conditioner eliminates salts left behind on your lawn from years of chemical fertilizer use.
If not eliminated, these salts can burn the roots of plants and cause stress. Salt removal, in addition to alkali and boron reduction, is some of the most significant benefits derived from a proper TERRA4M treatment.
Corrects pH
TERRA4M helps to correct soil pH. Most soils experience immediate effects, however, the buffering capacity of some soils may decrease the pH adjustment speed.
Unlocking Nutrients
TERRA4M increases the organic capacity of worn-out soil while unlocking natural fertility. TERRA4M revitalizes dormant fertilizer. Often, soils contain readily available nutrients, but the plants are unable to obtain them. TERRA4M provides for proper nutrient absorption and utilization.
Bacterial Growth
TERRA4M stimulates bacterial growth in your lawn and garden while adding specific amino acid chains that are dormant in TERRA4M, but activated in the presence of fresh water. Nitrogen fixation simultaneously occurs.
Oxygenates Soil
TERRA4M has the ability to release nascent oxygen and hydrogen gases simultaneously (mainly from the water molecule).





TERRA4M Soil Conditioner - - 38oz w/sprayer
COVERAGE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2000sf
DEPTH - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 36in
APPLY- - - - - - - - - - -Once Every 5 years

TERRA4M is your Single Application Solution to your Lawn Care Problems
Soil Conditioning
The TERRA4M lawn care treatment is absolutely essential in lawns with a high pH measurement. Lawns generally have a host of problems including alkali, hardpan, clay, top crust, and a build-up of chemical salts. Today, the TERRA4M lawn care treatment is the best known method used to eliminate these problems, without damaging the lawn, garden or landscaping. Just one application will last for years. (SEE OUR TERRA4M GUARANTEE)
Soil Recovery
The electro-chemical action of TERRA4M is capable of dissolving hardpans, clay and even caliche to form a granular productive lawn or garden with excellent percolation and water retention. Plant root penetration will be improved even in the hardest or most difficult soil to improve nutrient utilization.
Water Savings
After the TERRA4M treatment, soils take on a regenerated structural change, accommodating deeper water penetration. This allows for deeper plant root penetration and increased utilization of stored water for long periods of time. Due to the improved water penetration, TERRA4M decreases evaporation and run-off resulting in substantial water savings (up to 60%!)
Proven Efficient
For more than 30 years TERRA4M has provided lawn care, soil repair and agricultural solutions in the US and 15 countries. It has been proven to be ecologically friendly and environmentally safe.
TERRA4M is an agricultural mineral concentrate developed from a dual-based solution. The discovery of Deuterium opened up research into Deuterium Sulfate and other Isotopic materials. TERRA4M is a product using this research and is a formula containing "AEOROBIC" proteins, 78 elements and deuterons, 34 from the land and 44 from the sea. It cannot be leached from the soil and will last for many years. Tests have shown results lasting up to 25 years after application.

Because of its dual release of both Oxygen and Hydrogen, it enables both Alkaline and Acid soil to normalize their pH toward 7 (neutral). When water has been absorbed into TERRA4M treated soil, the beneficial effects will extend to a depth of approximately 40 inches. Biological factors plus botanical root demand could draw the moisture from this point to a depth of 12 feet or more.

TERRA4M has been proven to solve many of the problems in the world today. Problems such as drastic water shortages and water conservation needs, land reclamation and land remediation, landfill problems, dust control, water pollution, chemical fertilizer pollution, septic system back-ups, stabilizing of problem soils such as clay and hardpan, reduction of soil erosion, aerating soil that has been compacted with traffic, correction of pH, and many other environmental problems that have plagued us for years and have put toxins in our soils for years.
We guarantee TERRA4M Soil Conditioner to remain active in the soil for five (5) years. In order to maintain high concentration and desired soil health, we do recommend you apply TERRA4M at least once per year. If you are not completely satisfied with your lawns water retention, softening of soil or the look of plants and lawn after application we will gladly refund your money.

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