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TERRAdrops soil conditioner
This amazing product will 
repair your soil, stabilize Ph If foliage becomes lifeless, leaves start to turn brown and withered, canít seem to get them to bloom, or leaves start forming holes. What is the best treatment for these problems? All indoor houseplant problems can be attributed to some kind of environmental deficiency. So in order to keep your plants healthy you need to understand the different problems and what you can do to fix them. If plant leaf edges are turning brown, crispy and withered. Your houseplant is either not getting enough water or itís environment is too hot. Try watering more often or moving it to a cooler location in the house. Or you could have a buildup of salts and too much chemical fertilizers used by commercial growers. If the foliage becomes lifeless and withered the plant may be in to small of pot. Flowering houseplants that you are having problems getting them to bloom means they may just need more light. And it may need more water as well. Green moss growing on the soil usually means you have a drainage problem, the soil needs to be aerated. Yellow leafs can mean you houseplant is distressed from too much light, over watering or poor drainage. Try to limit light, aerate the soil, water less often, and filter the water before applying to the plant. Also, try to turn the plant on a regular basis to keep its growth even. Stunted or weak plant growth can be caused by a myriad of things such as poor drainage and light conditions, low humidity, and lack of suitable fertilizer. click for INFO
TERRAfeed contains a mixture of
over 100 elements, besides the 
basic 3 (N-P-K). The most important steps to achieve lush, green houseplants is to treat the soil with TERRAdrops ..... This amazing product will repair your soil, stabilize Ph, releases nutrients trapped in potted soil. After the TERRAdrops treatment, the soil takes on a regenerated structural change, accommodating up to 300% more water absorption. This allows for stronger plant root and increased utilization of stored water for long periods of time.

By using TERRA4M combined with TERRAfeed and increasing the water absorption will make stronger plants for successfully growth and enjoyment.