Growing Grass Under Trees


Everyone loves a beautiful green thick lawn, even those of us with one or two trees in the yard. But, as everyone knows if you have trees in your yard, it is a safe bet that you are going to have a problem growing grass under them. Growing grass under trees may be a challenge, it is possible with the proper care. Grass does not grow well in the shade, most types of grass prefer sunlight, which gets blocked out most shade tree canopies. As trees grow, shade increases and eventually the grass beneath them begins to die. Grass also has to compete with trees for nutrients and moisture. Therefore, it is much more difficult to keep the soil from drying out and keep it nutrient rich. Also the trees canopy limits the amount of moisture absorbed into the soil. Other factors can contribute depending on the kind of tree, for example soil pH can be very different under some trees compared to the rest of the lawn. With proper care and you can grow grass under a tree. First increase the amount of light by pruning the trees lower branches. Removing lower branches allows more sunlight through, making it easier for the grass to grow. Second water more, especially during dry weather. And it is a good idea to fertilize the area more frequently, about two to three times a year.

The most important steps to achieve lush, green grass is to treat the soil with TERRA Ultra ... This amazing product will repair your soil, stabilize Ph, releases nutrients trapped in the soil. After the TERRA Ultra treatment, the soil in your lawn takes on a regenerated structural change, accommodating deeper water penetration. This allows for deeper plant root penetration and increased utilization of stored water for long periods of time.

Growing grass under a trees is not impossible. By using TERRA Ultra combined with TERRA feed increasing the amount of stored water should be enough to successfully grow and enjoy lush, green grass under trees.

GRASS IN SHADE Trees are an important part of any landscape. But I here all the time, the grass under the trees just won't grow. Grass prefers open sunlight and does not do well in shade. All grass types require sunlight to produce food through photosynthesis. And depending on the kind of tree, soil pH can be very different under some trees compared to the rest of the lawn. Grass also competes with the trees for the moisture and nutrients in the soil. Trees slow down air movement so there is a greater chance for disease.

SHADE TOLERANT GRASSES If you want to successfully grow grass under and around trees, using a shade tolerant grass will help. You can check with the local nursery in your area to find out what grass will do the best. There are different types of grass that do not need direct sunlight.

GRASS UNDER SPRUCE AND PINE As you may have noticed grass growing under these trees do even worse than under other trees. Not only do you have the problem with the shade, lack of moisture, less nutrients and less air movement. But when these trees drop their needles (needle cast) they cause the soil around the tree to increase in acidity. It's just another form of defense trees will use to compete with other plant life.

GROWING GRASS IN THE SHADE Removing lower branches and a light pruning of the inner growth allows more sunlight to penetrate to the lawn below. When mowing under the trees, raise the mower blade to leave more leaf blade. These areas also require more watering to compensate for the amount the trees will be using. Light fertilization is recommended in these areas as generally the grass is under stress for most of the year.