No other soil conditioner works as long or in so many different ways. TERRA Ultra breaks up hard clay, compacted soil, and hard-pan. Creates organic matter, unlocks nutrients in your soil and neutralizes pH.

Salt and Alkali Removal
TERRA Ultra soil conditioner eliminates salts left behind on your lawn from years of chemical fertilizer use. If not eliminated, these salts can burn the roots of plants and cause stress. Salt removal, in addition to alkali and boron reduction, is some of the most significant benefits derived from a proper TERRA Ultra treatment.

Corrects pH
TERRA Ultra helps to correct soil pH. Most soils experience immediate effects, however, the buffering capacity of some soils may decrease the pH adjustment speed.

Unlocking Nutrients
TERRA Ultra increases the organic capacity of worn-out soil while unlocking natural fertility. TERRA Ultra revitalizes dormant fertilizer. Often, soils contain readily available nutrients, but the plants are unable to obtain them. TERRA Ultra provides for proper nutrient absorption and utilization.

Bacterial Growth
TERRA Ultra stimulates bacterial growth in your lawn and garden while adding specific amino acid chains that are dormant in TERRA Ultra, but activated in the presence of fresh water. Nitrogen fixation simultaneously occurs.

Oxygenates Soil
TERRA Ultra has the ability to release nascent oxygen and hydrogen gases simultaneously (mainly from the water molecule).

Combo Special

Terra Ultra 1/2 Gal + free Terra Ultra Qt W/sprayer

Our Price $89.95

Combo Summer Pack

2 Qt. Terra Ultra Soil Conditioners Free Qt. TerraFeed with purchase

Our Price $79.90

1 Qt Terra Ultra W/Sprayer

TERRA Ultra Soil Repair and Conditioner

Our Price $34.90