TERRA ULTRA is a *California Certified agricultural mineral concentrate. It has been sold commercially in the US and in 15 countries for over 35 years. It has never been available to the retail public until now and we are the exclusive distributor. This is not a new product, we have years of testing and data. There are many soil repair and conditioners on the market that will help with different problems. TERRA Ultra is the only product that will tackle all the problems with one product in one application. We are 100% sure of what it will and can do for you and we guarantee it. Here is HOW IT WORKS and what it will do.


Because TERRA Ultra is an electrolyte, it has the ability to add the proper amount of electrical energy to the soil to stimulate plant growth on an on going basis. We have known for years that electricity has a positive effect on plant growth but until TERRA Ultra, it has not been cost effective.


 TERRA Ultra utilizes The electro-chemical action of the manufacturing of 8 essential elements, 7 micro nutrients, and 63 trace elements. The action of TERRA Ultra in the soil is helped by the addition of certain living amino acid chains that remain dormant in our concentrate and fully revive and multiply in the presence of fresh water. Both hydrogen and nitrogen are formed in the oxygen rich soil, then greatly multiply and enrich this fertile and moisture retentive environment that is created by TERRA Ultra.


TERRA Ultra, in the presence of sufficient moisture, releases hydrogen and oxygen simultaneously in a chain reaction using the available moisture at the time. Compounds in the soil are broken down. Additionally, the excess hydrogen and oxygen free gases are picked up as needed to draw the pH up or down toward 7. (neutral)


During the process, the soil particles are made softer and more stable. As this is an ongoing process induced every time fresh water is applied, drainage will improve constantly. Therefore, soil drainage will allow the nutrients to penetrate deep into the root zone and reduce the effects of harmful bacteria and root rot. Because TERRA Ultra creates the physical change in the soil, micro nutrients may be utilized to fine tune the fertilizing required. This fine tuning will result in substantial cost savings in water and fertilizer, thereby allowing the cost of TERRA Ultra application to be recovered in a very short time. Additionally, TERRA Ultra dramatically reduces the expansion of clay based soils thereby improving soil stability, TERRA Ultra is also effective in softening rock and in rendering heavy metals inert.