Clay-Away Breaks up Hard Clay Soil

Hard clay soil is a problem in may lawns.

Is hard clay soil a problem in your lawn, we can fix it. Just because you have clay soil you can soften and aerate it easily with Clay- Away. The results from one application can lead to increased organic activity. Clay-Away dissolves organic matter so the plant roots can absorb the nutrients. This process creates air channels deep into the soil allowing root growth to penetrate deeper. Allowing water to also penetrate deeper, to save water.


Improving clay soil is what we are looking for in your lawn.


There are many soil conditioners that can help but Clay-Away is the best product for all of the issues of hard clay soil by improving the soil environment, once applied it can not be leached out of the soil. Nutrients that have been locked up in clay soil become free for easy access by the plant roots. Healthy soil can maintain a better soil structure for a much longer period of time than the temporary soil improvements from other soil conditioners.

Clay- Away for Mud

Clay-Away works in dry areas as well as muddy ones. Because it breaks up heavy clay allowing air channels to form it can fix the muddy areas.

You can apply it directly to the muddy areas once it drys out it will reduce puddling in the future. Each time it dries out it will be better at reducing the muddy areas.

Clay-Away Breaks up Hard Clay Soil to allow water to penetrate in muddy areas

Clay-Away Products


1/2 Gallon Clay-away Hard Clay soil repair and conditioner

Our Price 59.95

Clay-Away W/Sprayer

Quart W/Sprayer

Clay-Away Hard Clay Soil and Conditioner

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Clay-Away combo Special

Buy One 1/2 Gallon Get One Free

Clay-Away Breaks up Hard Clay Soil

Our Price $79.95