HumicLiquid Plant Bio-Stimulant...Plus Potassium
HumicLiquid is used to reduce water usage, rebuild soils, improve plant growth and increase mineral uptake.


Humic Acids were created millions of years ago from vegetation when earth's mineral rich soils produced lush green forests, fruits and vegetables. As this lush growth of vegetation died, it accumulated in layers, The weight of these deposits compacted and compressed over the ages, the vegetation underwent compaction and heating. This compaction squeezed out the organic acids, present in the vegetation, dried and aged and eventually formed what we know as Humates, that started out as deposits of dried, prehistoric plants. During this process amino acids, carbohydrates and phenols turn into a very complex product we call Humic Liquid. Because of there origin, they are very rich and beneficial to plants today. Humic acid form micro elements which are easily assimilated by plants, and increase efficiency of mineral fertilizers. Humates and Humic acid materials are organic carbon containing compounds, and play a direct role in determining the production potential of the soil.


100% Natural HumicLiquid


  • Replaces Lost Soil Microbes
  • Adds Humic and Fulvic Acid to Stimulate Plant Root Growth
  • Grows Nutritionally-Balanced Plants and Aids in Root Formation
  • Reduces Insect Problems
  • Helps Detoxify the Soil Non-Chemically and it is Environmentally Safe!
  • Loosens Hardpan, clay and rocky soils permanently


Having naturally beautiful lawns and gardens is having healthy soil

Why Use Humic Acid? There are many recognized benefits for the use of humic acids for their impact on the growth and health of lawns, garden, crops (vegetable & non-vegetable), citrus, turf, flowers, and particularly in organically-deficient soils. Humic acid is not a fertilizer as it does not contain higher levels of NPK or provide nutrients to plants, but can be a compliment to your fertilizer use. When applied on compacted soils, HumicLiquid can help break up clay soils, allowing for deeper water penetration, root zone growth and development. In sandy soils, HumicLiquid adds essential organic matter necessary for water retention and improving root growth, enhancing the sandy soils ability to retain water and slow leaching of plant nutrients.