Natural Lawn


Well maintained lawns do more than just look good

The soil under your lawn absorbs water, reduces rain water runoff and improves water quality. It also provides oxygen and removes dirt and dust from the air. Water also promotes helpful organic micro-organisms and filters rainwater contaminants.

Lawn care has come at a high cost to our environment

  • 30% of water used on the East Coast goes to watering lawns, twice that on the west coast.
  • 18% of municipal solid waste is composed of yard waste.
  • The average suburban lawn receives 10 times as much chemical pesticide per acre as farmland.
  • Pesticides/herbicides have been linked to cancer, birth defects, immune system damage, lower sperm count and impaired neurological development in children?
  • Pesticides have been found in drinking water, not only in agricultural communities but also in residential communities.
  • Home lawns cover approximately 30 million acres, an area larger than Maryland, Massachusetts and New Hampshire combined. According to EPA estimates, homeowners apply an estimated 134 million pounds of herbicide and insecticides per year to their gardens and lawns.

Having naturally beautiful lawns and gardens is having healthy soil

Keeping the soil healthy is the biggest key to successful organic lawns and gardens, because when the soil is alive and functioning properly, it creates healthier, stronger plants. When plants are healthy they have natural defenses against pests and diseases. That is why the health of the soil actually determines the health and beauty of the plants. Good growing soil should be full of organic matter and beneficial microorganisms helping your soil's ecosystems stay in balance. A complex ecosystem is made up of microscopic creatures that help create plant health. When weed and feed products or pesticides are applied, toxic chemicals kill off the good bugs along with the bad. Healthy soil ecosystems also create more oxygen and soil-borne nutrients, and help plants retain water, increasing resistance to drought and heat. This kind of balanced ecosystem creates a place that pests and diseases are just not going to thrive.

Take Your Lawn Off Drugs

Using common lawn and garden products, can develop a cycle of chemical dependency. The weakened plants will need more fertilizer, or pesticides to survive. It is a downward spiral, leading to the dead of the soil and poisoned plants. Not to mention the human health affects of eating or touching those plants or grasses. A naturally healthy lawn or garden with living soil, can tolerate significant numbers of pests without even showing a lot of damage. It is similar to a person having a healthy immune system, it is easier to fight off infections!