Saving Water

US Drought Monitor



To understand how a drought can effect plants, you need to know how important water is to them...... Without water, plant life as we know it would not exsist. Water is the environment in which chemical reactions inside plant cells take place. Water is the major component that makes up the content of cells. Water also serves as the raw material used in photosynthesis. Aside from its role in photosynthesis, water plays a significant role in the physical processes of plant growth. As cells form, the walls expand as water enters. Following this expansion, additional layers form a more permanent cell structure. This is the process of elongation in new cells and the growth of plants. The transport of disolved mineral nutrients in water moves into plant roots and then to the vascular system, for transport throughout the plant. There they combine with proteins to form enzymes that control the biochemical reactions essential to plant health and growth. The movement of water from your soil, to roots, to leaves, to air and back to soil can be viewed as a circle. Interruption or reducing any stage of the circle or the flow of water, leads to wilting of leaves then lawn, trees and shrubs dying off.


The effect of not enough water is particularly acute for newly planted lawns, trees and shrubs, since they have already lost a sizable portion of their water-absorbing roots through the digging and transplanting process. The loss of water absorbing ability of roots on new plant is the same as the responses of a plants lack of water in existing lawns, trees and shrubs. There is also evidence that plant hormones, formed in roots in reaction to soil water deficits, is transported to leaves and initiates and inhibition of bud and leaf development.

Since plant leaves take in carbon dioxide through these leaves, it is not surprising that if water is reduced there would be a reduction in photosynthesis and subsequent oxygen production. This eventually leads to brown patches in the lawn or plants dying off. Oxygen production may be reduced as much as ten times because of leaf surface area reduction. Also reducing the defense mechanisms a plant needs to thwart diseases and certain insect attacks.

Soil Recovery

The electro-chemical action of TERRA Ultra is capable of dissolving hardpans, clay and even caliche to form a granular productive lawn or garden with excellent percolation and water retention. Plant root penetration will be improved even in the hardest or most difficult soil to improve nutrient utilization.

Water Savings

After the TERRA Ultra treatment, soils take on a regenerated structural change, accommodating deeper water penetration. This allows for deeper plant root penetration and increased utilization of stored water for long periods of time. Due to the improved water penetration, TERRA Ultra decreases evaporation and run-off resulting in substantial water savings (up to 60%!)

Proven Efficient

For more than 30 years TERRA Ultra has provided lawn care, soil repair and agricultural solutions in the US and 15 countries. It has been proven to be ecologically friendly and environmentally safe.


With prolonged drought, there is an added break down in the ability of your lawn or plants to grow, further compromising their health. Before a plant can resume normal growth, it must re-establish the ability of the root system to function normally. Therefore, visible symptoms of drought-related decline in plant health may not be evident for weeks, months, or years after the drought event. Further decline will often take place while repairs to root system are made, again taking months or years depending upon the severity and duration of soil water deficits.