TERRAfeed, our natural organic liquid fertilizer, is part of a complete lawn and garden care solution when combined with TERRA Ultra.


TERRAfeed is a Liquid Organic Nutrient that is obtained when Liquefying whole fish and fish wastes. The resulting hydrolyzed liquid has a combination of amino acids, enzymes, minerals, proteins, macro and micro amino acids, and lipoproteins. TERRAfeed provides lawn and gardens all the nutrients available in fish. When the liquefied fish is mixed with water it is used as a fertilizer for greening your lawn and increase plant growth.


TERRAfeed helps to correct soil pH. As you use chemicals, trace minerals are continually being eliminated from the soil. This is due to the fact that chemical fertilizers lack the basic elements needed for lawn health, which allows plants to extract from the soil the necessary elements to allow lawns to grow. Most experts agree that your lawn and plants require from 80 to 120 mineral elements to allow optimum growth. TERRAfeed contains a mixture of over 100 elements, besides the basic 3 (N-P-K). The nutrient rich liquid, TERRAfeed, provides a number of nutrients needed by your lawn due to the excess use of chemicals and bromides.


Growing lawns and plants should be sprayed 4-5 times a year. More frequent feedings will insure a stronger, healthier and more productive lawn and garden. Feeding your lawn just once a year is a poor diet for most plants. More applications can be used without fear of burning or over fertilizing.


TERRAfeed is an Organic Liquid Nutrient that uses fish organic matter and is manufactured with the latest technology that makes it ecologically and environmentally safe. The Aerobic Protein Stabilization System is a unique process that uses a biotechnology recently developed to biologically transform organic waste into liquid. This resulting liquid can be formulated with specific nutrients to create the balanced organic fertilizer that is desired. The APS System utilizes enzymes produced by the specialized bacterial culture and other biochemical, physical and thermodynamic fundamental principals to convert waste into a liquid fertilizer concentrate. Finally, the fertilizer is sterilized to provide a completely stable end product capable of keeping all its properties for over 3 years.