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Improving Clay Soil

What is clay soil and why do I need to know if it's clay, silt or sandy.

click for INFO Clay-Away soil conditioner This amazing product will repair your soil, stabilize Ph and even can be used as a dethatcher in the fall. Clay soil is a combination of particles, minerals and organic mater. The particles can be sand, silt or clay depending on the makeup of the soil. If the soil contains more clay than sand and silt it becomes hard to work with. The more clay the harder and heavier it becomes, making it difficult for roots to penetrate. Add compaction and you have a real problem. But it is not all bad, clay soil retains more moisture and contains more minerals and nutrients. But of course this creates another problem, the heavier the clay the slower it drains. Clay soil is more likely to be alkaline (having a higher pH) and that is also hard on plants. And not to mention trying to dig in this hard and sticky mess. I have seen some clay soil so hard that not even a pick ax would work.

No other clay soil conditioner works as long or in so many different ways. Clay-Away break up and loosen clay, compacted soil, and hard pan. Unlocks organic matter and nutrients in your soil, plus it helps to neutralizes pH.

COVERAGE - - - - - - 2000sf
DEPTH- - - - - - - - - - -- 36in
APPLY- - - - - - 2-3 YEARS
PRICE: $59.95

At this point I should tell you that there is a solution, but before I get to that let me tell you why clay is such a problem. The better we understand the problem the easier it is to see the solution.
Now when it rains or when you water your lawn, droplets of water begin to soak into the soil. For most lawns, depending on the soil structure, water will penetrate down to a depth of about six inches. The problem is that clay soil is very dense and since water can not penetrate the heavy soil particles, it tries to go around (path of least resistance). What you end up with is runoff and puddles. At best, we could hope to get 2-3 in. of penetration. What we need to do is find a way to allow water to get deep into the soil. The solution is to create oxygen paths through the soil and somehow allow soil particles to absorb water.

There is a clay soil conditioner that will do all that and more. First let me explain my keys to soil health. These are the basic keys to create good soil from any type of soil structure. The keys will help regardless of your soil condition such as: sandy soil, clay soil, hard pan, rocky soil, soil lacking any nutrients, soil too alkaline, or soil too acidic. If you create an environment where these six elements are present, you will have good soil health. Right now we are just talking about creating healthy soil, not what it takes to grow grass, trees, or plants in the soil. Obviously there are essential elements needed to grow different types of plants. The keys to soil heath are:

Keys to Soil Health
  • Aeration and Stabilization
  • Clay-Away has the ability to release oxygen and hydrogen gases simultaneously from the water molecule. The soil then begins to stabilize by taking on structural changes between the soil particles to allow for a more nutrient-rich environment.
  • Water Penetration
  • After the Clay-Awaya treatment the soil takes on a structural change, allowing deeper water penetration. This allows deeper plant roots and increased utilization of stored water for longer periods of time.
  • pH Neutralization
  • Through the release of oxygen and hydrogen Clay-Away helps to neutralize soil pH, which will help plants to consume fertilizers and nutrients.
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Because Clay-Away is an electrolyte it has the ability to add the proper amount of electrical energy to the soil to stimulate plant growth on an ongoing basis.
  • Chemical Elimination
  • Clay-Away eliminate the salts left behind on your lawn from years of chemical fertilizer use. If not eliminated, these salts can burn the roots of plants and cause stress.
  • Protein Multiplication
  • With the addition of organic proteins, Clay-Away force an environmental change in the soil. Multiplying amino acid chains will create proteins and good bacteria. This allows the existing micro-nutrients to be used by lawns, trees and shrubs making them stronger and healthier.

    Let Me Make it Simple
    Normally when you water or it rains, the water will go around the soil particle or it will just run off. That is because water molecules do not normally bind with soil particles. Our soil conditioner contains a naturally occurring isotope that forces water molecules to bind with the soil particles. As the particles absorb water they expand and when the water evaporates they contract. This expansion and contraction allows air channels to form, allowing water to penetrate deep into the soil. As these particles absorb fresh water, they release oxygen and hydrogen simultaneously, thus allowing your soil to neutralize the pH. Now that we have built oxygen channels, we finish the job by filling them with live amino acid chains that build good bacteria to stabilize the soil and keep these channels open.

    Clay-Away Soil Conditioner
    Now we have a softer, chemical free, oxygen rich, electrically charged, fertile environment for lawns, trees, and shrubs to grow healthy and strong. And since Clay-Away can not be leached from the soil it will continue to work for many years.